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Kenneth Harris is the owner and sole proprietor of Harris & Harris Counseling Service, LLC. Harris graduated from Northeastern State University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. In 2005, he obtained a Master’s degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma and finished his educational journey by graduating in 2008 from Northeastern State University with second masters in school counseling. Mr. Harris has been a Licensed Professional Counselor in Oklahoma since 2010 and recently obtained his Arkansas LPC licenses in 2013. Mr. Harris is also certificated school counselor in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Personal Objective

To actively participate in promoting productive lifestyles for the prevention, treatment, and recovery of individuals affected by mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders.

Personal Profile
  • Possess excellent oral, written, and presentation communication skills
  • Develops and maintains contact with community partners via leadership skills
  • Motivational leader with excellent cross-disciplinary management competencies capable of coordinating activities of a Behavioral Intervention Team
  • Enhanced teamwork skills; excellent counseling and advisements skills specific to working with emerging adult and non-traditional aged college student issues, including a plethora of many various backgrounds and socio-economic standards
  • Assistant Director of a private non-profit organization, responsible for policy review and development; adhering to state and federal regulations; and managing the counseling services budgets
  • Supervising team members consisting of twenty-five (25) professional staff, including Clinical and Employment & Training Counselors, Interns, Graduate Assistants, and Student Workers

Licensures & Certifications

  • National Certified Counselor (NCC)
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (OK & AR)
  • Clinical Supervisor (OK & AR)
  • Licensed Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselor (AR)
  • Certified School Counselor (OK & AR)
  • “Reconnecting Youth” Counselor
  • “Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program” Instructor
  • “Within My Reach” Leader Instructor
  • EMDR


Master of Education and School Counseling
Northeastern State University
May 2008
Tahlequah, OK
Master of Human Relations (Organizational Structure)
University of Oklahoma
August 2005
Tulsa, OK
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Business Minor
Northeastern State University
May 2003
Tahlequah, OK

Employment History

Tahlequah Public Schools / Central Academy Alternative Education – Tahlequah, OK

  • Provide academic advisement
  • Provide drug and alcohol-abuse rehabilitation and conflict-resolution
  • Teach social skills and life skills classes to at risk youth
  • Conduct therapeutic counseling (group, individual and family)
  • Administer drug and alcohol assessments
People Inc. – Tahlequah, OK

  • Provide individual, family, and group therapy to individuals who request counseling services; develop and implement clinical treatment plans
  • Involved in the assessment and prognosis of DSM-IV psychological disorders
  • Organize and develop program curriculum for adult and juvenile drug courts
  • Provide clinical social work services to residents and their families
  • On-Site Coordinator for three (3) offices, providing direction and supervision to twenty-five (25) professional staff
  • Develop case notes that document client progress throughout the therapeutic process
  • Provide therapeutic services to residential clients that have developmental disabilities
  • Managing Drug Court counseling services budget
Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs – Tahlequah, OK

  • Provide services in the areas of rehabilitation of juvenile offenders and protection of the general public
  • Participate in clinical and case management activities in the areas of juvenile intake, probation, parole and custodial responsibility for delinquent children and their families
  • Provide clinical social work services to residents and their families
  • OJA liaison for the Tenkiller Adventure Program
  • Administer drug and alcohol assessments
Northeastern State University – Tahlequah, OK

  • Analyzed the different theories, concepts, and fields of psychology
  • Monitored and evaluated student presentations reviewing DSM-IV psychological disorders
  • Defined, labeled, and explored the different parts and functions of the human brain
Northeastern State University – Tahlequah, OK

  • Teach theories of psychology and functions of the human brain
  • Instruct students on how psychology defines humanity
Northeastern State University – Tahlequah, OK

  • Identified and explained different aspects of the juvenile and criminal justice system
  • Provided overview of Assessment and Treatment of Juvenile Offenders, Police Organizations, Corrections, American Court Systems, Juvenile Justice, different Federal and State Organizations
  • Explored distinctions between the juvenile court system and the adult court system


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